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Marco Bellavita's photos create the usual, small miracle of "great" pictures. They touch deep in our eyes. Not only they keep us in touch with reality, but they stimulate our attitude to desire, connatural to our sight. They make us feel that eager and unquenchable longing for the world that take us every time we twinkle. We feel it in the pictures of Mexico (especially in the one, really fantastic, of the workers leaning on the barricades, waiting for a job to be offered). We feel it in the pictures of Valsesia. An epos of images. Through these pictures, the Alps landscape appears to our eyes not as one world but "the world". In the whole. From a small but perfect frog egg to the magnificent beauty of a sunsetting on the mountains, from people faces to architectural shapes. And always, what we call "eternity" comes through - in these pictures, in our eyes - as inseparably connected to "ephemeron". The eye that we see behind these pictures , that we see even before the subject of the picture, it is not a glance aimed to possess the world. It is a glance offered to the world. And we cannot help but feel it as our own. And probably, exactly for this reason - for this generosity, for this availability, Marco Bellavita's pictures can communicate to us a very essential and simple knowledge of this world. And this world - with all its absolute values - it is not somewhere else, somewhere to dream of, but here and now. Clearly defined and at same time endless. Boundless and within reach.

Emilio Tadini

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